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Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) works on all levels; physically, emotionally and energetically.  Most of us understand the importance of movement for our physical heath and wellbeing. Movement creates cardiovascular fitness, enhances muscular strength and burns fat. Movement also pumps our lymphatic system, which is vital in the removal of toxins from our body. Many also experience an emotional shift, as endorphins are released after a cardio session, or after a gentle yoga session, which creates a peaceful centred feeling. Movement also affects us on far deeper levels; energetically, emotionally and spiritually… these are the domains of Dance Movement Therapy. DMT works with the idea that an embodied experience can create new awakenings and understandings of our self, our relationships and how we relate to the world generally. The DMT experience is always tailored depending on the client group's goals and intentions.

The Dance Movement Therapy Association of Australia give us the following definition:

Dance movement therapy is based on the empirically-supported unity of body and mind.  It recognises that change and growth in one supports change and growth in the other. Dance movement therapy combines the elements of dance, movement systems, creative processes, and psychological and scientific theories, to address the specific needs of groups and individuals. Dance movement therapists work in clinical, institutional, community and private settings, using clear therapeutic contracts, agreements and goals, often within a defined time frame.  Verbally and non-verbally, they attune to client/s’ needs and provide the therapeutic relationship requisite for growth and change.

The Many Faces of Dance Movement Therapy

Therapists are working with people of all ages, with varied population groups ranging from mothers & babies, intellectually and physically challenged, eating disorders, aged care and many more.  Not to mention the exciting work in 'Personal Growth' which is focused on working with the general public that are keen to explore themselves on a deeper level through movement. If you can’t find what your looking for here, I suggest you visit
  1. Dance Therapy Association of Australia - This is the DMT governing body in Australia  http://www.dtaa.org.au
  2. International Dance Therapy Institute of Australia – Certificate & Advanced Diploma DMT Study organisation http://www.idtia.org.au
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