Our Dance Movement Therapies

Medicine Dance - Group Session

Medicine Dance is an invitation to be and dance who you really are.  Experience yourself in a new way through free form movement.  Tune into your own body wisdom and heal. More..

Moving Me - Individuals

Healing and Personal Growth using Movement Therapy. Find a new understanding of yourself through your body and the way it wants to move.  Allow expression of yourself in a whole new way through the language of movement. Self Discovery and Healing at it’s deepest level.  More..

Other Group DMT sessions

Take a look at the other DMT sessions available. Sessions vary over time depending on the opportunities that are developed.  If you had a group idea, please contact us.  More..


The Move Into Life website has been created to share information with you about some of the amazing Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) work being done through-out Australia.

Therapists are working with people of all ages, in various populations groups ranging from mothers & babies, intellectually challenged, eating disorders, aged care and the list goes on.  Not to mention the exciting work with ‘normal neurotics’.  Normal neurotics is a DMT term used to describe people in the general population that are fully functioning, but are keen to explore themselves on a deeper level through movement.

If you can’t find what your looking for here, I suggest you visit

  1. Dance Therapy Association of Australia – This is the DMT governing body in Australia  http://www.dtaa.org.au
  2. International Dance Therapy Institute of Australia – Certificate & Advanced Diploma DMT Study organisation http://www.idtia.org.au

Looking forward to Moving Into Life with DMT


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