Dharma Dance

photo arms & leaves smDharma Dance is an invitation to tune into your own body wisdom, to experience yourself in a new way, and to feel empowered by your body expression through free flow movements. It is a way to reconnect body, mind and spirit and to come back to alignment. Take this healing journey with us and support your physical fitness, your emotional balance and further your personal development and healing.   Dharma Dance will facilitate your journey back to wholeness, using movement and meditation, through the exploration of chakras, animal medicine, archetypal patterns, mantras and much more. Join our safe space where freedom of movement and dreams are nurtured. Potential Benefits:
  • Experience wellness, vitality, and freedom to express yourself
  • Become connected to a community of likeminded people
  • Open yourself to a deeper sense of acceptance and gratefulness
  • Effective, safe and fun
  Who is this for? Adults, Teens & Elders

Fridays, 7-8.30pm @ Summer Healing Yoga, Glen Waverley Studio
2/20 Kingsway, Glen Waverley, Vic. April 13, May 11, June 8 July 13, Aug 10, Sept 14 Contact Mandy 0437 348 808
Fridays, 7.15- 8.45pm @ Summer Healing Yoga, Carnegie Studio
2/61 Koornang Rd, Carnegie, Vic. April 20, May 18, June 15 July 20, Aug 17, Sept 21 Contact Laurence 0420 802 044
Cost: $25 session.
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Free form Movement
Free form Movement allows us to connect into the innate wisdom of our bodies.  When we follow the rhythms and movements that our body shares with us, we connect to the stories that are stored within us on cellular and energetic levels.  We connect into our own guidance system, our inner compass.  It is from this deep connection that we can learn about ourselves and create powerful healings and transformations. Each term we allow themes to guide our exploration of life.  We embody these themes through movement and explore how they are playing out in our daily lives.  How balanced is your 5th Chakra, your ability to express your truth?  How is the life cycle of the butterfly (birth, growth, cocoon and transformation) being expressed in your life?  Are you feeling dis-empowered or empowered when it comes to your Archetypal patterns?  Are you experiencing your water element as harmoniously flowing, or are you a stagnant pool or perhaps feeling like a tidal wave about to wipe out.  Each week we pose new ways to review our lives.... each week we add to our    understanding of who we are in the world. The sessions are 1.5hrs.  We enjoy an initial group check-in, then we move as a group and individually to music selected to support on our theme.  We transition into our time of Authentic Movement, listening deeply to stories and inner knowings as they are shared with us.  Time is provided for drawing and writing, followed by a gentle group sharing.  This is a powerful way to connect into your own life, and allow the support of the group to sustain you, as you empower yourself. Please wear comfortable clothes eg.; track pants, layers clothing.                
Participants have said:
"The facilitators have created a warm, open, safe and 'yummy' space for women to delve deep inside themselves, discover the art of listening to their bodies and embracing their emotions. Each session I learnt something new and no matter how I was feeling that week or what I was going through, I always found solace in the classes".Cathy, Youth Programs Coordinator
"I gladly write this testimonial, an activity I seldom do. These sessions brought the colour back into my life at a point when certain events could so easily have left me bitter. Mandy carries her wisdom in a disarmingly humble way. She has a breadth of acceptance I've not come across. This skill facilitates true support and personal growth. I highly recommend you make this move".- Sally
The Authentic Movement Journeys:
Archetypal Shadow & Light selves...
IMG_5091There is something really special about women gathering together in circle, taking time for themselves: to connect in with their bodies and be raw and open, sharing truths out loud. We warmed ourselves by the heater and opened circle checking in with what was REAL for us right here & now. Movement practice has the amazing ability to keep us PRESENT. I came to the class with the intention of being gentle with my (post-birth) body and enjoying the ‘me’ time away from the responsibilities to my newborn. We then found our own spaces in the room and moved our stories of the day. It was beautiful just to move gently again, really BE in my body and I realized just how tender my muscles were. Mandy then explained the theme of tonight: Exploring the different archetypes in ourselves. Using Caroline Myss’ Archetype Cards, we each explored a variety of archetypes and reflected through movement if they resonated with us. The archetype I chose to work with was: The Slave. Mandy divided the room with tape, and we chose which side was the shadow side and which side was the light. The aim was to see how that archetype resonated with you and ‘move’ that experience. I started in the ‘light’ and felt what it would be like to surrender to the complete unknown with absolute faith and truth. It felt beautiful. FLOW – FAITH – TRUST. I felt vulnerable but OPEN. I hesitated to move over to the Shadow self- where I felt dark; trapped; dis-empowered. Afterwards I created an art piece that reflected the journey of the ‘Slave’ for me, which I share with you. It was a really interesting exercise to try an archetype I don’t feel comfortable in. It has made me start to think about how the slave comes through in my every day life: When do I give my power over to others for my own choices/decisions in life; and when do I practice TRUST and trusting in the process. Our theme to ferment between now and next weeks class is the Throat Chakra and its related archetypes: The silent child and the communicator. For me, I believe this will be about me communicating my needs, finding my voice and speaking my truth. Blessings, C xx
The Communicator and The Silent Child IMG_5155
This week we explored the fifth Chakra, The Throat Chakra: Communicating, speaking our truth, feeling heard/valid/worthy, self expression. The group experimented with communication through various movement exercises using touch. With partner work, we played with touch and movement and also mirror work, swapping the roles of leader and follower organically, very nourishing. We formed together to discuss the different emotions felt in the archetypes of both Communicator and the Silent Child and how we can each relate to them. Our final movement exploration involved working with both archetypes. Again, the room was divided with tape and we ‘moved’ both the communicator and silent child within ourselves. I found myself laying down across the line, feeling comfortable to try on both and have them both work to my advantage. Instead of seeing the Silent Child as a scared soul afraid to voice their opinion or be themselves: I used the fetal position instead as my own hermit cocoon to protect myself, choosing not to care about what others may think and no longer be effected by outer judgment. And when I do want to venture outside of that cocoon, I can stand and communicate what needs to be communicated. I can choose when to play either role. I share the art piece I drew at the end of our session summarizing my experience and learning. Blessings, C x
 The Lover and The Actress:
IMG_5174This week we explored the Heart Chakra and the two related archetypes: The Lover versus The Actress. As a group we shared our experiences of each and discussed their characteristics. We found that The Lover could embody the open-heart, self-love, unconditional love, connection with the divine/people/animals/nature, detached compassion. In comparison, the Actress was one of many masks, not being able to feel herself, full of fears/doubts/insecurities. Focusing on the heart-rate we experimented with rhythm, moving at first to music that had a familiar continuous beat and then moving to music that did not offer a consistent rhythmic pattern so you had to find the beat within it. I found that the music that had a consistent beat made me feel lighter, I travelled across the room with ease, and felt more joy and possibility. The other however made me feel unsure, I moved less feeling more trapped/stagnant. In our final exercise, the room was divided once again to represent the division between the two archetypes. I started off in the actress: feeling trapped and not myself, moving through masks but with the knowing I was being authentic to myself. I then raced across the line over to the lover and immediately felt lighter, freer, as I was able to be ME. I felt expansion and shedding of all my masks. I share with you my piece inspired from last nights theme. Blessings, C x
The Intuitive and The Intellect:
IMG_5326This week we explored the third eye chakra and its related archetypes: The Intuitive and the Intellect. Our class started off differently: we each did a drawing of where we are at right now, being present. Then we moved this through our bodies and came back to our circle to do a second drawing - intuitively inspired from our movement. I found that with the first drawing, I drew symbolically: a face with lots of red lines to represent the busy chaos I feel I am in and a blue wavey line to represent the drowning feeling of it all seeming too much, with a hand outline reaching out to grab onto something stable perhaps or putting up a boundary? My second drawing however was inspired by the visuals I got from moving. In my movement I found myself on all fours on the floor, looking into an imaginary pond at my reflection. Each of us placed out two drawings in our own space in the room and, to music, moved both our drawings. Then, working with our intuition, we moved onto the next persons drawings and moved their drawings – interpreting their drawings and certain symbols within their pieces through our own bodies. This exercise was interesting for me, as I found something in my interpretation of everyone’s drawing that related to where I was at right now. We came back to circle and shared our experience and our thoughts on both archetypes. For me, I believe intellect is looking at the different perspective when it comes to decision making, working with our mind Vs Intuition is that gut feeling, that knowing, feeling into it with our bodies. Tap was laid down dividing the two archetypes for us to move in both. In the intellect I felt restricted whereas in the intuitive I felt much more free-flowing. However, unlike other archetypes we have explored, this time I found myself drawn to the middle of the two where I could enjoy both. I feel both are necessary and both add their value. For me personally, I believe I need to TRUST my intuition more. Blessings, C xx
 The Servant Vs The Warrior
This weeks class we explored the Solar Plexus 3rd Chakra and its related Archetypes: The Servant versus The Warrior. For me, the Solar Plexus is about my self power/self worth, I AM, a place for my creativity and passion/drive to be fuelled. We moved both archetypes and had the use of different pieces of fabric. Once again I unraveled some incredible insights. When I was in the role of the ‘Servant’ I felt trapped, heavy: I covered myself with a thick black stretchy fabric and felt weighed down, restricted. I related it to my current place in life: a new role as a mother and being needed so much by my young daughter. However, I was reminded that in serving – this can also come from a place of love and devotion. In this moment, my movements became more open, more free. I could then easily move across the line into the Warrior. The Warrior was a role I previously thought had to be independent and strong, courageous and stubbornly so. But during the class I realized one could be graceful in their power. I dropped the heavy black fabric and scooped up the light/see through rainbow pattern threads and danced with it as my wings. Everything comes back to gratitude. I share with you my insights from this weeks sessions. Blessings, Cathy.W x Arch-Chakra Servant:Warrior         Drawing by C.P
The Martyr and The Empress
Arch-Chakra Martyr:EmpressThis week we explored the 2nd - Sacral - chakra through Dance/movement and art. My experience of creativity was expansive and refreshing. The energy of it seemed to emerge from my core self rather than my mind, and particularly my lower charkas as iridescent streams of white light, which felt ‘bubbly’ like champagne as it radiated up through my body and then outward like a fountain of colours. The feeling associated was very joyful and rejuvenating. C.P
The web we weave
Animal AM-AB Praying MantisWe have started a new term - Yohoo - this time exploring Animal Medicine through art and movement.  'Praying mantis' came to me for the exploration and here was my felt experience of it: Authentic movement:  The feeling was foreign to me and so I had to really focus to be able to identify it. It felt constrictive at first. Limited movement capacity was partly due to the absence of musculature and rigidity of the carapace. My head could move relatively freely however. There was a sense of timelessness and no particular motivation to move. Staying very still felt nice and relaxing. Movement was awkward, but allowed me to get a different sense when applying different positions of my legs and head. For me, the medicine of the praying mantis was about stillness and timelessness. I understood that as a message from my subconscious telling me to be more still and to enjoy the moment by moment of life. In the drawing I explored how the sunrays shine through the thin carapace. C.P
An issue from different perspectives
This week we experienced a current issue/problem from different perspectives. Each was moved and drawn from the vantage point of a snake, a crawling animal, a hummingbird and an eagle My experience of snake was slow and undulating. I was very aware of the contact between my body and the ground. Although the contact with mother earth is very strong, snake is ‘glued' to the ground and can only see what is immediately ahead of it or to one side or the other. Snake teaches me to use energy rather than force to achieve my goals. Fox is very sharp, quick and mischievous. He moves constantly is very aware of his environment. He is either hiding, resting or running. Fox teaches me to be street smart instead of working hard. Hummingbird is delightful, playful and joyful. He is beauty in motion. Hummingbird teaches me to play and stay light, rather than get too serious. And eagle flies high and is a master at using the air currents to travel long distances with minimum effort. Eagle teaches me to see the bigger picture and not get lost in details and waste time on little things that are not that important. C.P Animal AM-AB snakeAminal AM-AB FoxAnimal AM-AB hummingbirdAnimal AM-AB Eagle

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