Showed me that everything can be turned into a fun experience

I’ve realized how important the simple things are and how much we can derive pleasure from the things around us

I feel re-invigorated and things are put back into perspective

Even if I was unhappy when we started, I left with a smile

I loved watching my daughter really enjoy the dancing

I found Soul Moves to be a warm supportive experience, where I could work through issues in safety and with wonderful support.

SueBuilding Project Manager & Energy Worker

“I gladly write this testimonial, an activity I seldom do. These sessions brought the colour back into my life at a point when certain events could so easily have left me bitter. Mandy carries her wisdom in a disarmingly humble way. She has a breadth of acceptance I’ve not come across. This skill facilitates true support and personal growth. I highly recommend you make this move”.


Soul Moves is my weekly nourishment: a time dedicated to honoring myself, sharing space and moving with beautiful women in a trusted and warm environment. I look forward to the class every week and find great solace in each session and the learnings and discoveries I take home.

Cathy WilliamsYouth Programs Coordinator

…”I feel that all people would benefit from letting loose a bit and clearing their minds. Life is hectic and it’s so difficult to find the time and ‘good ideas/creative ideas’ to nurture ones self”.

…”It has been a lot of fun, and of more benefit than anyone could imagine”

…”These sessions have helped me a lot. Now I feel more relaxed, enjoy music and dancing a lot. I have learnt ways to release my tension”

I love Creative Moves because we can feel completely free to express ourselves and be ourselves in a way utterly impossible anywhere else.


You have bought me to a place where I can be myself and where no-one judges me.  I respect myself more and I feel a sense of great warmth which I have never felt before. “Dreams are not made in the mind, they are made in the heart”


Creative Moves has allowed our son to express his feelings in a safe environment. It has been really good to watch him grow and become more confident (as this wasn’t the case 12 months ago, when he was becoming more introverted and insular).

My son always comes out of a Creative Moves session feeling uplifted and happy. I know that the sessions are good for his emotional health and self esteem. I don’t know anywhere else where he can express himself so freely and enjoy himself so thoroughly. I am very grateful for the sessions and the caring, warm and supportive environment in which they are conducted.

The quality of people conducting the program is unsurpassed; they are highly experienced and passionate about assisting the children to acquire new skills.

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