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Rhyme and Rhythm - DMT for Mothers and Babies

istock_000008247175_extrasmall   Becoming a Mum can be the most challenging transition in the world.  Moving into this role and finding enjoyment in the experience of motherhood can be a journey in itself. Come and explore with world of rhyme and rhythm as a way of creating deep connections with your baby.  These connections create a foundation for life long loving relationships. Session starting soon in Ashburton, Victoria.

DMT for clients challenged by Physical and Intellectual Disabilities

  img_2709 These fortnightly sessions are tailored to create a sense of connection and creativity through movement.  Props of material can support sensory integration while creating an ocean of waves.   dip-drum-2Elastics create connections while exploring the push and pulls of life.  Bubbles help us turn our heads to the sky while focusing on simple pleasures.       Session are run within the Villa Maria Gateways Day Service, Kew, Victoria.

Yoga Moves and Meditation for clients challenged by Physical and Intellectual Disabilities

dip-selena-hands When movement is minimal life can become limited.  How can we stretch ourselves when we are challenged with limited movement range. img_2662This program has been created to achieve the outcomes of yoga - opening energy lines in the body, releasing stagnant emotions and creating inner peace, through very unique methods of body tapping/massage, use of breathe and aromatherapy, meditation and relaxation visualisations.   Session are run within the Villa Maria Gateways Day Service, Kew, Victoria.

 Leadership and Wellbeing Program

t2 The Five Elements Leadership and Wellbeing Program delivers a new understanding for students about the relationship of the body-mind complex and how our stress and emotions affect our physical body; while learning new tools to promote balance, harmony and health.
  • The weekly sessions combine movement, using props, music and drawing, to explore the different qualities of the Five Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water). This multi-sensory experience helps student to integrate their new 'learning' on a deep and personal level.t1
  • The students gain an understanding of the principles behind the Five Elements as a wellness and preventative based model.
  • Each student will uncover the characteristics of the Element which is most active for them, and learn how they can utilise the qualities of all the Elements to attain balance, harmony, health and wellbeing in their life.
  • This deeper awareness of themselves, attained through the investigation of the adapted and maladapted qualities of each Element, creates the potential for better stress management and a deeper understanding of interpersonal relationships.
We offer a comprehensive 16 hr. Program (8 sessions): img_0978At: Your school - Group discounts available Call for FREE presentation and cost consultation  

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