About us

My name is Mandy Agnew and I am the Founder and Director of Move Into Life. I work with people who want to transforms their life, learn the lessons from their past and move forward into an empowered future. These people are willing to go deeply into the core of their issues and create powerful shifts in their world.

It was when I first worked with a group of women experiencing Post Natal Depression that I realised I could truly make a difference in peoples lives… be an effective part of their healing journey.

I realised at that point that I didn’t need to be born with a gift, but that my own journey through life’s challenges has required me to ‘dig deep’ to uncover my own natural healing abilities to initially heal myself and now help others…. and the exciting thing is that you have these same natural abilities.

When we work together, I take the best of my analytical background, my abilities as a nurturing mother, and draw upon my compassionate teaching and healing skills, to create a space of transformation, which truly empowers you.

I will assist you to create connections back to yourself, to your own Body Wisdom and Inner Guidance…your ‘Inner Compass’. I invite you to join me.